Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

So the Weekly Photo Challenge for this week was Today! Was hard to decide what to click! So I just stepped out and got this photo. We have a cloudy day here today.… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

The Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is Summer! Here are just a few pictures that signify summer for me! On one hand it is hot and dehydrating! And on the other it is bright… Continue reading

From the Top..

There is this under construction building down my street. One morning my brother went out for morning walk and climbed the building to get a view of our locality from up there and… Continue reading

Along the Roads…

Just a few shots along the roads of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Photo courtesy: Artefact Design Solutions

A Trip to Ayubia National Park

I had a trip to Ayubia with my friends 2 weeks back. Ayubia is a national park located in the Khyberpakhtunkhuah province of Pakistan.  According to wikipedia the area supports temperate coniferous forest andtemperate broadleaf and… Continue reading

Flowers and Flowers!

Spring has just passed and Summer has begun! March and April are absolutely beautiful here in Islamabad and other regions with a moderate weather and loads of flowers all around! Wherever you see… Continue reading

My First Post!

I love my country, Pakistan. The land of beauty. The land full of colors and rich in culture. Wherever I look, I see beauty, I see colors, I see love and I see peace. Pakistan is not… Continue reading