Iftaaaaar!! :D

So here are a few pictures from my Iftar table! We try keeping it simple and healthy, after a whole day of fasting in such hot weather, all you need is a refreshing meal! Yet there is one thing which is the staple of Iftar! Pakoras! Yes, no Iftar is complete without them. These are like deep fried dumplings made from potato, spinach, onions, peppers, sometime egg plant, coated in a gram flour batter and fried. They are a hot favorite for just any way! Rest of the menu is variable! The other staple for my family at least is Fruit salad! We love it for the freshness it brings! The other pictures you will see here are Dahi Bhallas and Tamarind sauce. Dahi Bhallas are like yogurt dumplings i.e. dumplings of gram flour and ground pulses in a yogurt mix. Very healthy and delicious! It is mostly presented with a sweet tamarind sauce though I use the tamarind sauce as dip for just everything 😀 Different drinks like milk shakes, lemonade, juices, smoothies and lots and lots of cold water accompany the meal.

Other common Iftaar items are spring rolls, samosas, chickpea salad (Called Channa Chaat) etc. Stay tuned for more photos! 😉



Dahi Bhallas!


Very simple fruit salad


Tamarind Sauce! Yummy!!