Truck Art!

Pakistan is country with a rich and colorful culture! There are so many things which were previously done just for yourself, on a personal level, for decorative purposes or whatever you would say but have now become a part of the culture. Even acquired the level of an art form and one of those is the truck art! If you have ever visited Pakistan or belong here, you will know that a truck you see here, is a lot different from any truck you will see anywhere in the world. It is definitely an unforgettable sight. I personally think it is a funky way to make a truck’s long, tiresome journeys a little lively and colorful. They travel day and night for days! From one corner of the country to another. And thus truck art has evolved so much and has colors of every part of the country. If you ask me, the most enjoyable part of a long distance journey for me is travelling behind a truck and reading all those silly, sad and sometimes even ridiculous verses written behind these trucks. A lot of drawings of animals, sceneries, faces of men, women and children and a lot of different and intricate designs. A lot of effort has been put in painting even a single part of the truck. They are so interesting, and colorful. We are born here and used to this and for us it is nothing unusual! This is what we have grown up seeing and thought this is how trucks are! This was our idea of the trucks, but now when we have grown up, we found out this is not how trucks are! This is how trucks are in Pakistan! Why not let the world know? So here is a post solely dedicated to truck art! Here are a few flicks from the roads of Pakistan and a surprise at the end too! 😉


So here is the time for surprise! I found these pictures on the internet of a metro bus in Australia! I was amazed to see truck art has become so popular! I really liked it and really wanted to share it here.

And here is a beetle car painted in truck art! Isn’t it pretty?