Today, thinking for some material to make a good post I wanted to post about something more traditional and this is what I came up with! Gur!

Gur, translated as jaggery is an unrefined form of sugarcane sugar very common in rural areas of Pakistan. It tastes more like brown sugar and is of a more powdery nature and sold as blocks or small stone like forms. Little kids love eating it raw but there area lot of delicacies made from it. Tastes best with nuts! My uncle makes sweets with it every winter and sends us as gifts. I’l post some of the recipes you can make with it soon like pateesa, or gur-chawal (Rice made with gur), but for now lets see how gur itself is made!

It is made by heating sugar cane juice in large shallow containers which first turns to a thick syrup and further heating and then subsequent cooling makes it hard. It is then broken into pieces.

Extraction of juice from sugarcane

Extraction of juice from sugarcane

Bagass (remains of sugarcane after juice has been extracted) is used to fuel the fire to heat the juice

Heating of sugarcane juice

Solidified Gur being broken to pieces