The Pakistan Monument — Pakistan at a Glance

A few years back we would pass by and wonder what is being established high up there, dad would say it’s  restaurant may be, mom would say might be a park, and we would all make our guesses until we started to see a flower like established on a higher ground in Islamabad which could be seen from the roads around it. It was astonishing and absolutely beautiful! And then we found out it was the Pakistan monument. My first visit was really fun! I was extremely excited to see it and it was an amazing experience too! The monument you see in the pictures below is not the only thing you’ll find there, the park where it sits is amazingly beautiful! The first thing I found to my interest were all those flowers! Pretty petunias, dazzling daisies and so many more! We went there on evening and loved everything on the dark backdrop. The next pretty thing was the fountains and those fire pots! Yes I mean fire pots! There were these big silver pots with fire flaming within! Absolutely beautiful. The location of the monument is very appropriate as it’s never very hot there, cool breeze keeps everything cool and it’s lovely! The best part is the city sight point! I could stand there all day long and look at the city lights! You could see the whole Islamabad from up there.

Ok enough for the surrounding! Now for the monument it self. The monument designed by Arif Masood looks like a crescent from aerial view and at the center of the crescent is a fountain shaped to a star, just as you see a star and crescent on the Pakistani flag. The crescent actually consists of seven petals, four large and 3 smaller ones. Each large petal denotes a province (At the time we had four provinces: Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Balochistan, now we have another called Gilgit Baltistan). Each smaller petal denotes an additional territory i.e.Gilgit-Baltistan (Now a province ), Azad Kashmir and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Called FATA). Each petal has very thoughtfully designed murals on the inside. The are designed keeping in view the Islamic architecture and present different parts of our rich culture and history. The have reliefs of our historic leaders and men of our. All in all, it’s an absolutely wonderful place.


The Petals


A clearer and closer view showing all the seven petals

Oh one thing I totally forgot to mention is the library! In the premises of the monument is a library with books about Pakistani history and culture. What I love the most about it is that on an aerial view what you see is an open book. Yes it is designed like an open book. Love the place!

Photo Courtesy: Rana Usman