Iftaaaaar!! :D

So here are a few pictures from my Iftar table! We try keeping it simple and healthy, after a whole day of fasting in such hot weather, all you need is a refreshing… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Back with another Weekly Photo Challenge and the topic this time is ‘Inside’. So here is a picture that meant inside to me!   Photo Courtesy: Rana Usman


So here is a quick post about Ramadan! The month of Ramadan started here in Pakistan yesterday and we had our second fast today. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is… Continue reading

Street Kids! They are everywhere! :D

  So its summer! And one thing that tells you its summer, kids all around the streets!! 😀 They are everywhere literally! They are shouting and screaming and singing the whole day 😀… Continue reading

Truck Art!

Pakistan is country with a rich and colorful culture! There are so many things which were previously done just for yourself, on a personal level, for decorative purposes or whatever you would say… Continue reading


Today, thinking for some material to make a good post I wanted to post about something more traditional and this is what I came up with! Gur! Gur, translated as jaggery is an unrefined… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

Another week, another challenge! And the challenge for this week is ‘Close’! Could have thought of something better but right now all that came to my mind was two aspects! !st: close ups!… Continue reading

Trail 3

Margalla Hills are a part of Himalayas located north of Islamabad. For me they are the most beautiful part of our city and always give me a feeling of freshness and cold, you can see… Continue reading

The Pakistan Monument — Pakistan at a Glance

A few years back we would pass by and wonder what is being established high up there, dad would say it’s  restaurant may be, mom would say might be a park, and we… Continue reading

A Village..

So here are a few shots from a Village. The village called Majra is situated close to the Sialkot city in Punjab province of Pakistan. Just a regular village but beauty lies in… Continue reading